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Glow Whitenings at Riverwalk Dental Group In Florida

Are your teeth stained and yellow from years of eating certain foods and drinking specific beverages that discolor your teeth? Embarrassed about giving a toothy grin for photos? Come in for glow whitening at our Jupiter, Boynton Beach, and Stuart Dental offices with Riverwalk Dental Group. Not entirely sure what glow whitenings are? Read on for more information about this great procedure!

woman after receiving glow whitenings

What Are Glow Whitenings?

Glow whitenings are a specific type of whitening procedure to give you a shiny white smile. There are home kits that allow you to whiten your teeth at home, but these aren't always the best and most powerful products to use on your teeth. Glow whitenings are best done by professionals, where you can teeth much whiter than what you can get from a store bought a home kit. Set up an appointment at our office with our dentist in Jupiter & Boyton Beach. 

What Are The Benefits Of Glow Whitenings?

Glow whitenings remove dark stains from your teeth, giving your teeth a healthy look when you smile. Having white teeth can also make you more confident about your looks, making you feel better overall about yourself.

What Do Glow Whitenings Do?

As stated above, glow whitenings brighten discolored teeth, making them white again. It only takes one office visit to get great results. 

Are There Any Side Effects To Glow Whitenings?

There are no side effects to glow whitenings, besides giving you a brighter and whiter smile, as well as more confidence in your appearance.

Will Glow Whitenings Keep Stains From Reappearing On My Teeth?

While glow whitenings will not keep stains from reappearing on your teeth, they can keep your teeth white for a few months or even a year, based on what you eat or drink. You can maintain a brighter smile with your diet and drinking habits. Coffee and red wines will make your teeth stain and yellow over time. Drinking with a straw can help remedy some of this. Acidic foods can also damage the color of your teeth by slowly wearing down your teeth's enamel. Smoking will also cause your teeth to yellow over time. 

Contact Riverwalk Dental Group For Your Glow Whitening Today!

If you would like to schedule a Glow whitening with us or want to learn more about our other services, Don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can visit Riverwalk Dental Group at either of our Jupiter, Boynton Beach, and Stuart offices. You contact the Jupiter office at 561-744-3646, the Boynton Beach office at 561-364-8700, or the Stuart office at 772-252-1058.