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Your Source for Endodontic Dentistry in Stuart, Jupiter, & Boynton Beach, FL

In your years of dental experiences, your dentist may have recommended that you see an orthodontist or periodontist -- but have you ever consulted an endodontist? Endodontics is a dental field specifically concerned with treating the structures inside the tooth --and it can make all the difference between saving or losing a diseased or damaged tooth. Here at Riverwalk Dental Group, we're proud to serve as your source for endodontic dentistry in Boynton Beach, Stuart, and Jupiter, FL.

Endodontics appointment

Understanding Endodontics

An orthodontist straightens teeth; a periodontist treats the gums that support the teeth -- so what does an endodontist do? The term "endodontics" breaks down into the Greek words for "inside" and "tooth."  Your teeth are more complex than you might think, including a pulp chamber filled with nerves and blood vessels surrounded by a layer of dentine and an outer shell of enamel. This multilayered structure continues down through the tooth roots. Endodontics is the practice of tending to these inner structures when they become injured or infected. The endodontic dentists at our clinic may be called upon to perform a variety of surgical procedures or other treatments on the inner tooth structures, but the most common form of endodontic treatment is root canal therapy.

Some endodontists differentiate themselves from other dental professionals by doing nothing but root canals and related procedures. At our clinic, our dentists have all the necessary endodontic skills while still offering general and reconstructive dentistry, giving your family a single source for all of these needs.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

In the course of a general dental exam, you might be told that you need a root canal procedure. This kind of care strikes fear into the hearts of some patients, but there's really no reason for such a reaction. Modern root canal therapy is just as painless, safe, and efficient as other forms of dental surgery.

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward. We will numb the area with an injection to ensure your comfort, then make an opening in the top of the tooth so we have access to the pulp chamber. Specialized tools remove the diseased pulp while sterilizing agents get rid of any lingering bacteria. A substance called gutta percha is used to fill the now-empty roots and pulp chamber. After a period of wearing a temporary crown, we will install a permanent crown on the repaired tooth.

Visit our Jupiter, Boynton Beach, or Stuart Endodontists at Riverwalk Dental Group

Whether you require advanced endodontics or simple teeth cleaning, Riverwalk Dental Group has what you need. Call our Jupiter dental office at 561-744-3646, our Boynton Beach dental office at 561-364-8700, or our Stuart dental office at 772-252-1058.